I needed better suspension. So I turned to the good old internet…

There were many pictures of coilovers for the 2005+ Subaru Legacy model years. I decided I would try to make them work for my car as well.

TIEN was the only company producing them, but nobody had them in store.

I ordered a set – not knowing if they would fit, or if I could even make them fit.

When they arrived, I set to work right away. They were so close that I only needed to modify them slightly.

For the front, I only had to modify the top hat holes – the spacing was considerably wider. I drilled new holes and reinforced them to make them stable.

For the rear, I had to make adjustments to the top. The real challenge was in the bottom. The bolts on the 2005+ were too small. I created a sleeve for the new bolts to make them thick enough to fill the hole.

All in all, it was a sweet mod. I would do it again in a second.