The Missing Link to the R180 install with R160 hubs

These are what Suberdave’s Custom Races look like: 


Left: 2005+ STI inner – Center: custom STI / WRX – Right: 2002 WRX inner

First take apart both shafts.

Remove the CV boot clamps:

Remove the retaining ring holding the inner joint together:


Remove the snap ring, race, and cage from the end of the shaft:

Disassembled the two shafts.


Assemble the WRX shaft, the custom race, and the STI inner joint:

Slide the cage on your existing shaft, then the new custom race, and finally the snap ring.

The grooved end of the race goes on first.

**On some shafts the race is a little thinner, and the shaft will have to be filed about .040”. If filed on the outside of the shaft where the snap ring goes, the shaft will not lose any strength.**

Apply 3/4 of the bag of grease into the inner cup/joint. Apply some of the remaining grease to the race and cage. Insert bearings in cage – the grease will hold bearings in place.

Slide assembled shaft into STI inner cup/joint.

Install retaining ring.

Apply remainder of grease into the STI boot.

Slide boot onto cup/joint.

Crimp down boot clamps.

And now you have a custom shaft to install your R180 differential in your Subaru, using your stock hubs:


Watch the video here