The missing link to the R180 install with R160 hubs…

You want to upgrade to an STI R180 rear differential – but you have a Legacy or Impreza.

Or even more hopeless, you think, because you have an EA-81 or EA-82.

With my custom Hybrid Races – you can upgrade any of those, and keep you cost down by keeping your stock hubs!


When changing out your rear diff, you have a few options:

  • Upgrade your rear hubs to use R180 hubs and Brembo brakes. Cost: $800-1000
  • Find a set of Spec-B axles and swap your WRX outer joints. Cost: $600-800
  • Custom axles. Cost: $500 or more
  • Use the Suberdave Hybrid Race Kit. Cost: $175 – 200



  • $175 shipped anywhere in the US
  • $200 shipped anywhere else in the world (Ships via USPS)



Here is what you will get:

  • 2 Hybrid Races
  • 2 bags of CV grease
  • 2 small CV boot clamps
  • 2 large CV boot clamps


I currently offer 5 race variations:

  • 05 and newer STI inner joint (8 ball cup)  with 21 spline axle*
  • 05 and newer STI inner joint (8 ball cup)  with 22 spline axle
  • 05 and newer STI inner joint (8 ball cup)  with 28 spline axle
  • 04 and older STI inner joint (6 ball cup) with 21 spline axle*
  • 04 and older STI inner joint (6 ball cup) with 22 spline axle


* The 21 spline axles have proved to be weaker than the 22 spline axles.  If you have 21 spline axles, and are running more than 280-300 WHP, I would look into finding 22 or 28 spline axles.

Before ordering

R160 shaft: Count your splines (inside the inner joint: 21, 22, or 28).

R180 shaft: Count bearings on your inner joint (either 6 or 8).

**Make sure you check both rear axles. I have had multiple customers with two different axles.**


2014-07-16 12.46.46


For inquiries and orders, click HERE.


For those wanting to adapt SVX inner axle joints (for use in early JDM LSD) to OEM R160 shafts – this kit will work for you too.

These races have been used in many cars from street use, to rally and drag use. I have sold many kits and have received awesome reviews.

Disclaimer: Suberdave’s Hybrid Races are a performance part and carry no warranty.