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Fun with Photoshop

I love Photoshop. I like to goof around with it. You can do so much. Cars is an awesome movie, but they left out the best kind of car! I decided to do it for them. Meet the Cars Subaru:

I figured I would Cars up my friend Pat’s car while I was at it.

Here’s hoping they will add a Subaru when they draw Cars 2.

Subaru Drawing…

A few weeks ago I was home with my son while my wife was out.

I put him down for a nap and needed to find a quiet activity while he slept.

I found a picture of my car and a piece of paper. I started drawing.

Three or four hours later, I had this:

West Coast Subaru Show 12…

Come one, come all, to the only West Coast Subaru Show of the year…


WordPress up and running

I have been working on this WordPress site for some time now. Finally got it up and running!

I have uploaded pictures for now. I hope to get more information up as time goes by.

If you have any questions, just shoot me an email.